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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Is the G20 the new government in the world economy?Karen Millen Dress At their summit in Los Cabos Mexico's most powerful nations hold more of a pure political show. Groundbreaking decisions are not - remains the normal peak-madness
American tourists who land in these days in the Los Cabos airport, offers a unusual sight. Lined up neatly parked the machines of the powerful of this world on the dusty tarmac in the Mexican desert: from the Air Force One to the chancellor of the Airbus.
Did you see Obama is also here, "one mother said aboard a landing machine to her son. The joy lasted about this discovery, but only briefly, because as soon as they left the airport building shows that it is rather annoying when to the destination with the U.S. President and two dozen of his colleagues have to share.

The fringed with palm trees and cactus street from the airport to the hotel corridor along the coast is closed for hours, so that the delegations can go back and forth undisturbed. Hundreds of tourists from the airport in the roasting heat. Karen Millen Dress"I feel sorry for the tourists, so start their vacation," says an employee of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, who has just received UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

When the G-20 circus invades a city, a state of emergency. This is especially true in a small seaside town such as San Jose del Cabo, where there are few main roads. Once somewhere is a convoy with police escort in motion, nothing more. And the Government, it seems to drive constantly between the sprawling hotel complexes on the Pacific Ocean back and forth. Barack Obama on the first day of the summit only receives Vladimir Putin, Karen Millen Angela Merkel for bilateral talks at the luxury resort Esperanza, in German, "Hope." The Chancellor is staying in a hotel called "One and Only Palmilla."

As always, safety plays a big role. The sandy beaches of the Karen Millen Dresses Peninsula are protected by warships. On the road patrol pick-up trucks of the Policia Federal, thanks to the look of the machine guns mounted on the back of most martial.

Tremendous effort, poor results

Anyone who has experienced a G-20 summit, asks himself quickly to the meaning of this spectacle. The tremendous effort by the poor results seems justified. At the end of the two-day rendezvous with palm trees is primarily a document filled with melodious intent. The once well-known draft of the paper contains:
■ The euro countries to say that they want to come off for months, deepening debt crisis. With the new government in Athens to be worked to keep Greece in the European Monetary Union. The planned recapitalization of the banking Spain is welcomed, as well as the European Pact for fiscal discipline, the permanent rescue ESM and the planned growth.
■ The G20 agree on a "Los Cabos-action plan" for growth and jobs. The European G20 countries say growth momentum, without giving up the course of fiscal consolidation. The United States is conceded, given the growth measures to adapt the pace of fiscal consolidation.
■ The states emphasize the importance of free trade and warn again growing foreclosure. The end of 2013 expiring "standstill agreement", after which it will be no new protectionist measures will be extended to the draft final declaration, according to two years. This point is controversial, and a final agreement is still open.
■ rules for dealing with large, "systemically important" financial institutions ("SIFIs") in the event of a crisis should be pursued. The Financial Stability Board is to November 2012 proposals for standards for splitting and processing of major banks to submit in trouble.

Alone only bound by none of these points. The G20 are for the 2008 financial crisis is a kind of economic government of the world, but in contrast to EU summits discussed here only to be decided.

In Los Cabos will generate the impotence of the club, whose members are 85 percent of global output, particularly evident when the dominant theme of the euro crisis, the G20 to contribute anything other than words. The respresentatives of the euro zone, in addition to Merkel also the leaders of France, Italy and Spain, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy forbid, but also good advice from outside. The euro crisis, so their message would, dissolved in Europe.

In particular, U.S. President Barack Obama succumbed yet again to the temptation to interfere. The euro crisis dominated the front pages of U.S. media and is a threat to the U.S. economy. The President can not stand idly by, who wants to be elected in the fall for a second term. His appeals to the Europeans to suggest to voters that it contributes to solving the crisis.

The decisions are made elsewhere

The truth is different. The future direction for a stronger political union in Europe take place at the next EU summit in Brussels next week. The non-European participants of the G20 can possibly convey their good wishes for the success. Also, other topics covered the summit is not much new one. The final statement reads over long passages, such as that of the previous summit in Cannes in November.
Just as it is to announce that Angela Merkel holds a press conference not even necessary. They will fly back immediately after the end of the meeting to Germany, where the negotiations over the fiscal pact wait on them.

The old accusation that it is the G-20 summit is a mere political show, receives food in Mexico so new. Particularly dramatic uses host Felipe Calderón, the rendezvous of the powerful for his own purposes: The Mexican president went before the meeting specifically to June, the chances of his conservative PAN party in the presidential elections on 1 July convey. Normally, the summit will be held in November each year.

It seems that the G-20 are good times to show not as a campaign aid, Calderon has overestimated the international spotlight revealed. The presidential candidate of his party, touted on the campaign posters only by her first name is Josefina, in surveys knocked off third place.






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