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http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Who is leader of the Left? When it comes to Gregor Gysi,Karen Millen Oskar Lafontaine, it should do it again. This was an "outstanding" politician, says the party leader. The move fueled the armed personnel from the comrades of - the supporters of Dietmar Bartsch react in horror.
Berlin - Oskar Lafontaine? Or Dietmar Bartsch? For days, the Left argue about who should lead the future of both the party chairman. After a session of the left-top had remained inconclusive on Tuesday, the conflict flared up again now. The trigger is a message from party leader Gregor Gysi.
Gysi is reflected clearly in it for the first time on the side of Lafontaine. "Oskar Lafontaine is certainly an outstanding German and European politicians," the group leader. "Also, Dietmar Bartsch is an outstanding politician, but not the same weight, which, because of his life lived in was not possible. But he is a better party organizer." Gysi called on adversaries to approach one another. His proposal: to be party leader Oskar Lafontaine,Karen Millen Dresses national manager Bartsch. The Left was "in a very difficult situation," he admitted.

The move ensures the Gysi's party for severe reactions.Karen Millen Dress Particularly East German state associations and part of the pragmatic wing, said the majority of Bartsch in the past year to support a candidate, are alarmed. Read the statement as an indirect invitation to Bartsch, his candidacy for the presidency left for the good of the party to withdraw.

"This is an absurd number of Gysi," said Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state leader Steffen Bockshahn SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Just because Lafontaine would not be willing to make a counter bid but rather let the blessing, one must solve the matter is not that way. I do not know why they should accept Gysi's proposal." Similarly, said Jan Korte, since 2009 Member of the Group Executive Board. "Successive reaching out is a nice proposal," said Korte. "But I still maintain that. I support the candidacy of Dietmar Bartsch" In times of pirates and open democracy is a struggle candidacy is nothing wrong, "Where is the problem?"

The leader of the Left in the Thuringian state parliament,Karen Millen Bodo Ramelow responded, exasperated to the leadership debate. "We are at present engaged in a farce, and I find that very regrettable," he said on Bavarian Radio.

Future Chairman may decide on the direction of the party

Finally, on Tuesday was the 68-year-old Lafontaine declared his willingness to re-bid for the presidency left, but gleichzeitigt emphasized not wanting to go into a fight candidacy. Bartsch wants to date but hold on to his candidacy. The 54-year-old reformer is currently Vice-Chairman. Between 2005 and 2010 he held before the Office of the Executive Director of the Federal left. Who leads the future of both the party likely to be decisive for the direction of the party. While Lafontaine represents a rigorous course opposition to Bartsch has for some time and for a strategic opening to the SPD.
The advance Gysi is also noteworthy, because his relationship with Bartsch for some time as a load is. In January 2010, Gysi had accused the former national director Bartsch disloyalty at a public meeting and made him responsible for a "climate of denunciation" in the party. That Gysi Bartsch now again moves to the parade, provides for its supporters to head shaking.

Not all values ??in Bartsch-bearing Gysi's attack, however, as a sliding tackle. Sun also circulating on the interpretation, the party leader wants his proposal to include both counterparties in the future leadership, Lafontaine in a difficult situation. Gysi knew perfectly well that Lafontaine will not accept a national manager Bartsch. If the Saarland but this publicly declare his rivals, this would strengthen the party chairmanship.

Gysi warned his party in the release of a split also. "The victory of one over the other or vice versa is not a path to unification, but has boiled down to a separation," it says. There are two ways to deal with the intra-party differences: "Either you split up or they find together." Gysi called on the women in his left hand, also running for the presidency. "According to our statutes, two women become party chairman, but in any case only a man and a woman to equal rights. It is time that they register themselves and articulate claims."






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