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After the verdict against ex-manager Karen Millen Dress Gerhard Gribkowsky BayernLB Bernie Ecclestone gets into trouble.http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com What is the Formula 1 impresario has to be expected? If he can keep at the forefront of the billion-dollar racing? Answers to key questions about the spectacular event.
Berlin - Twilight of the Gods in F1: Bernie Ecclestone so far attracted the threads in the global race series almost at will. Revolt in the bud every time he suffocated and rewarded loyalty with a lot of money. But suddenly, after the testimony of ex-board member Gerhard Gribkowsky BayernLB accusations of corruption against Ecclestone is in the air. Now it's not just for the British for everything. Even racing teams, drivers, mechanics and operators are looking nervously to the future. But the consequences could have been a criminal case against Mr. F1? Answers to key questions:
In his plea against Gribkowsky was Attorney General Christopher sledders no doubt whom he considers the true culprit: Bernie Ecclestone. The Briton 2005, I seriously expect to lose his power over the Formula 1 and feared for his life's work, said sledders. On one side were the auto companies threatened with their own racing series, because they were with the division of revenue have been satisfied, on the other, the banks had claimed as the largest shareholder in the Formula 1 holding a say, and even the dismissal Ecclestone spoken.
The did so, it sees the accuser, Gribkowsky purchased. Could take the man, then, the major influence on the sale of the holding company's shares to an investor, the Ecclestone fit better into their agenda. Following the successful transaction Ecclestone have paid 44 million euros to Gribkowsky.
It appears that the offense of bribery be met from the perspective of prosecutors. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether the agency actually charge do.Karen Millen Dress Perhaps the indictment is already done in the drawers and pulled out when the 81-year-old traveled to Germany to visit some of the Grand Prix at Hockenheim. For then one could arrest him there. Otherwise you would have to exert a complex and lengthy extradition proceedings in Britain.
Ecclestone Britain would extradite to Germany?
Basically, states are extremely cautious when it comes to the extradition of its citizens. It is crucial that it is an offense that would be punishable in their own country and that an appropriate extradition treaty exists. Both are given in the case of Ecclestone.
The Briton, however,Karen Millen Dresses should take all possible register in order to escape the clutches of the German authorities. He has vast amount of money can thus afford the best lawyers.
What is Ecclestone's version?
If you believe Ecclestone, then he is a pitiful victim,Karen Millen by a blackmail money and power-hungry bank manager, wanted to spread the unscrupulous lies about him. Just out of fear he had agreed to engage a consultant Gribkowsky and to promise him money.
From the perspective of Attorney sledders this version however is not credible. And indeed it is hard to believe that a shrewd negotiator and power brokers from the likes of Bernie Ecclestone could come under the thumb of such a pale bank manager a la Gribkowsky.
Can be left Ecclestone Formula 1 boss?
The question naturally arises not only from Ecclestone is due to the opaque million transfer to Gribkowsky suspected of bribery. Finally, the man 81 years under his belt - an age where most people think about other things than running a business with sales in the billions.
The only problem is: No matter whether you replace Ecclestone because of his age or because of his alleged misdeeds - who should replace him? Ecclestone without risking the shareholders of the racing series that the formula implodes first For the business, as it has grown old, based on confidential agreements and cabal rounds in back rooms. All participants have in common the desire to squeeze out of the racing world as much money as possible. The system only works as long as each party has the feeling of getting its fair share. The tacit agreement would be quickly lost if it became known what concessions Ecclestone has one here and the others were doing.
Climbing involved in the racing stables of auto companies?
The ratio of the auto companies to Ecclestone has never been free of tensions. It was always about money, power and influence. The discontent reached a few years ago so far that some manufacturers would even start their own racing series. But no one has mastered the art of "divide and conquer!" as well as Ecclestone. With secret deals and concessions in the millions of shrewd tactician brought the teams back on line.
An indictment for bribery, but would it make life really difficult. Even organizations such as Transparency International calling sponsors and manufacturers to the public on to rethink their commitment to Formula 1. Finally, it is hardly compatible with the now widespread corporate governance rules. At Daimler, we see currently still no cause for any consequences, such as a spokeswoman said. But in recent years, Daimler used consistently from business partners who have been guilty of corruption offenses






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