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What the Americans Karen Millen Dress moved before the election? SPIEGEL ONLINE http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com correspondent Marc Pitzke is on tour of the United States. Second stop: Williamsport, Pennsylvania. In the natural idyll is the center of the latest energy gold rush - with potentially fatal consequences.
Energy companies can not be trusted, the Ralph Kisberg suspected early on. And even though he worked for them. 1980 was that since he left his job on Wall Street's back and hired on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, "just to see me, as is".
As it was, he knew from day one. Then he got a chemical cleaning agent is forced into his hand: "We had an oil leak last night," his boss had said. "The bulk because it, it sinks into the oil before the inspectors arrive."
Sure, this was long before today's stringent safety standards for the industry have been. But the tenor has not changed: "The inspectors and the industry jew" says Kisberg. "And they cut people like us just over the ear."
Ralph Kisberg, 57 white, so what he's talking about when he scolds, accusing agitated, - against the very industry from which he came. But he does now far from the Gulf, far from the environmental disaster and oil spills, as they last after the 2010 sinking of the oil platform "Deepwater Horizon" threatened to destroy nature.
Because the deadly danger that lurks Kisberg scents these days, somewhere else - in the wooded, mountainous natural idyll of Pennsylvania.
Only wood created prosperity,Karen Millen Dresses now is the gas
At our election campaign tour of the United States, we have arrived in Williamsport. The small county town nestled in the green valley of the Susquehanna River. At the "Millionaire's Row" splurge hundreds of Victorian mansions - the estate "Lumber Barons", the timber barons of those days when Williamsport was the center of the timber trade and more millionaires per capita than any other was one place in the entire United States.
Long lay fallow in the region. But now, the villas restored, plastered and painted. "The millionaires are back," grumbles Kisberg. Once again, capital flows to Williamsport. But this time it does not come from the wood. But by a far less tangible commodity: gas. And that's exactly what makes Kisberg.
"Here," he says angrily. "Here. Here. And here!" Kisberg is bent over a map with Karen Millen a pencil he painted squiggles. At the Sugar Camp Road. At Rose Valley Lake. On Highway 118th
There are dozens places to drill in which the energy companies here recently for gas. And, it takes at least Kisberg, a blot on the landscape,Karen Millen Dress contaminating the drinking water, pollute the air, threatening the residents with cancer and also can ever explode a water tap in the kitchen. "To you, the house down around our ears," says Kisberg. "But the government does not matter."
Pennsylvania, land of Fracker
Fracking (short for "hydraulic fracturing") is relatively new, highly controversial drilling technology with which the natural gas is brought to light. This is a mixture of water, sand and chemicals at high pressure is forced through the rock layers to the trapped gas there really freizusprengen
Gas industry and politics are hoping for a new energy boom, if not equal to the energy independence of the United States on foreign oil. Chesapeake Energy, the largest gas company, speaks of "safe", "economic" and "environmentally friendly" production methods. Even Barack Obama has invoked the gas yields in his last State of the Nation.
But the consequences for man and nature are unclear and controversial, and almost all the few studies sponsored by industry. And the white Kisberg, can not be trusted, yes. Kisberg was born and raised in Williamsport. And now his home to one of the main venues of the latest energy gold rush. What is the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling is the Pennsylvania Fracker.
"No one tells us what is in the water"
Kisberg directs the Responsible Drilling Alliance, one of the many environmental groups, the fire here, thanks to the gas dispute off the ground. He spent hours around curves, to show us the scars of Frackings. Unmounted Pipelines, scattered like Legos. Cuts through a forest. Gullies. Derricks. Dirty industrial park in the middle of no longer pristine nature. A fresh construction site reveals how cheap a chemical tank is sealed in the ground - with a thin, tattered plastic tarp.
We love our nature, "says Kisberg, pointing to a stream, bathe in the children." No one tells us what really is in the water. "Reports Bohrlecks, carcinogens in water, toxic waste and methane in the Spülbrühe have the eco- Farmer frightened. communities complain that the companies have paid millions but calmed down a lot.
While the Democratic governor of neighboring New York wants to slow the Fracking, the Republican governor of Pennsylvania has just given the green light. But the party's not even coming. "No matter who wins the election in November," says Kisberg. "The industry has both in his pocket."
And so at the end of this sultry day, and it remains only one thing: "I go swimming in the creek again." No matter what is in there.






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