dozens of people die in Karen Millen Dress a burning train

Inferno in Karen Millen Dresses an Indian passenger train: Dozens of people http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com
were killed when their car burst into a fire. Cause was apparently a short circuit.
Delhi - A fire in a train in southern Karen Millen Dresses India, dozens of people dead. A railway spokesman said 47 deaths. 28 passengers were taken to hospitals with burns. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Railways had recently said, had so far confirmed five deaths, "but we fear that the death toll still markedly increased." The rescuers could not yet hold in the interior of the cars to the victims. Another authority spokesman estimated the number of dead on 30
The train was thus on the way from New Delhi to the city of Karen Millen Dress Chennai in the state of Andhra Pradesh and was at the time of the accident near the town of Nellore, 500 kilometers south of Hyderabad.
The burning car was of a supervisory official of a railway station has been noticed that the train had been stopped then, said the Karen Millen announcer from Andhra Pradesh. The car was then disconnected, to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the train. The fire had been deleted. Probably an electrical short-circuit the car was transformed into an inferno.
Trains in India are often overcrowded, people are literally crammed into cars. Some of the cars have bars on the windows to remain so in an emergency, only the outputs as a means of escape.


British food for Olympic visitors Karen Millen Dress for Na, Meal!

Fish and chips? Karen Millen Dress The British cuisine has much more to offer. http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The visitors, who currently flock to the Olympic Games can enter the kingdom, with its palate of jellied eels, eggs, Scottish or Yorkshire pudding treat. Let your meal!
Hamburg - It starts with breakfast: Start Who has traveled to the Olympic Games (July 27-August 12) to London, and typically British in the day like a lot of space needs on his plate. There, piled up fried bacon, small sausages, fried or scrambled eggs, baked beans and grilled tomatoes or mushrooms.
Should then take the desire for a little morning snack Karen Millen Dresses on hand,Karen Millen Dress could boldly London visitors to access eel in aspic. For lunch there's could be bangers and mash, served with Yorkshire pudding, made of batter used.
Afternoon tea time is: Earl Grey to have tourists including a choice of biscuits, scones or bread pudding. Do you prefer Karen Millen savory? Then maybe something would be Scotch egg: hard boiled, they are wrapped in sausage meat, breaded, fried and then. Are you even on a Sunday in the UK, is in the early afternoon, a traditional Sunday roast served: fried or braised beef with vegetables.
For dinner, fish and chips could then be fit - and above all a drink for digestion. Here you will find culinary delights again in pictures.


smoke cloud over Cologne major Karen Millen Dress fire in waste storage

The hall was http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com threatening to collapse, erasing the Karen Millen Dress run short of funds: A major fire in a waste sorting plant in Cologne, fire and police departments throughout the night in suspense. A cloud of smoke went in a southeasterly direction across the city
Cologne - On Wednesday evening, was started in a waste storage in Cologne-Niehl a fire had spread quickly in the warehouse. The whole night through various fire fighting forces against the flames. Meanwhile, the fire under control. With loaders will be the burning garbage taken out of the sorting and extinguished, a spokesman said this morning.
The work had, according to firefighters at first is difficult,Karen Millen Dresses because the building was unsafe and could not be accessed. A special excavator tore into the night, the walls and roof of the hall, so that emergency personnel can remove the fire from outside. In the hall about a thousand tons of waste were stored. The spread of flames to the other half of the building could be prevented.
The fire, according to police, any damage caused in the millions. Yet no one was injured. The workers of the waste management company could bring to safety in time.
The emergency services, according to a cloud of smoke went in a Karen Millen Dress southeasterly direction across the Karen Millen city. Eight measuring vehicles are in use, therefore, to measure the concentrations of pollutants in the urban area. Are as yet no harmful pollution was found, it said. Due to the bad smell of the fire but still advises people to keep windows and doors closed and turn off ventilation systems - especially in the districts knickknacks, lime and Mülheim.
The fire was probably erupted in a trash shredder. The cause is not yet clear. The fire investigators because of the fire had not yet able to enter the hall, said a police spokesman.
According to a spokesman for the waste management and recycling company probably caused a flammable liquid that may have been illegally supplied as industrial waste, from the fire. During the shredding there was a sudden explosion. The fire had then spread rapidly.
About 220 emergency personnel tried to extinguish the burning bulky and industrial waste water and foam. Because the supplies ran low, they had another fire-fighting foam by request from neighboring districts. At times, up to 11,000 liters of water per minute were used. A specialist company was commissioned to dispose of the contaminated fire fighting water


After Merkel's appearance Karen Millen Dresses at Bayreuth has previously

Models consider it a Karen Millen Dresses mortal sin: wear the same dress twice? http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Unthinkable. But Angela Merkel is Chancellor in times of crisis. When the Bayreuth Festival, she was making progress with economical example - and was again tried and trusted.
Bayreuth - You have to look very closely to spot the Karen Millen Dresses differences between the images. Angela Merkel wears the same low-cut dress, the same clock, and even haircut chain are identical. But between the recordings, four years.
During her visit to the Bayreuth Festival was the head of the Karen Millen Dress CDU, the teal dress with which they had Karen Millen been seized in 2008. Demonstration of the "Flying Dutchman" combined they changed their time with a blue instead of black bag and the shoes. But otherwise the chancellor demonstrated by their appearance, what they currently preaches at all political platforms: thrift. Earth.
The onlookers anyway Merkel paid tribute to friendly applause, and gave the chancellor beamed cheerfully autographs

"Resler Germany Karen Millen costs money"

Vice-Chancellor http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Philipp R?sler gets € for his utterances Karen Millen Dress increasingly coming under fire: The opposition called his remarks "irresponsible" in their own ranks, he reaps head shaking. The SPD sets even close to the chancellor to dismiss Roesler.
Berlin - The criticism of FDP leader Karen Millen Dresses Philipp R?sler is sharper. SPD and the Greens accused the Federal Minister of Economics before on Tuesday, endangering the creditworthiness of Germany. But even in the CDU and FDP anger was loud. SPD-politician household Carsten Schneider came Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) even close to being dropped Roesler: "If the sworn Germany's Economics Minister taxpayer money at risk in such an irresponsible, the Chancellor would have to dismiss him."
Roesler on Sunday had "more than skeptical," shows that Greece could meet the reform requirements of international lenders. In this case, there would be no further payments. "The Greeks themselves come to the conclusion that it is perhaps wiser to leave the euro zone," Roesler was added. "For me, a withdrawal of Greece has long since lost its terrors." In Greece, there was sharp criticism of then Roesler.
The opposition in Berlin Roesler was responsible even for the downgrading of the outlook for Germany by Moody's. The rating agency had justified the step on Monday evening with rising uncertainty about the outcome of the debt crisis. The SPD also led to the "irresponsible chatter of the Vice Chancellor's" back. Green Party head Jürgen Trittin told the "Hamburger Abendblatt", R?sler talk "can increase the interest and costs money, and possibly Germany's creditworthiness."
The financial expert of the CDU faction in the Bundestag, Klaus-Peter Flosbach said, "Handelsblatt Online," There have Karen Millen Dress been no reason at all, kick off the debate now. He advised all to take more responsibility. The FDP MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis told the Greek television that he was ashamed of what his party leader had said.
The government in Berlin responded with ostentatious calm the doubts of Karen Millen Moody's rating on the German top. "The federal government pays attention. The assessment relates to a country from which it hopes to help," deputy government spokesman George champions said on Tuesday. "The Chancellor has repeatedly stressed that the strength of Germany is unlimited."










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